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Meet the Team

We're a bunch of tech enthusiasts, creative minds, and customer service pros who love what we do. Dive in and get to know the people making things happen at our company.


We're all about teamwork, big ideas, and making every day count!


Pampos Lympouridis

Founder & CEO

The brain behind it all!

He's likely the first person you'll meet here, always ready with a friendly smile and a head full of brilliant ideas.

He's the go-to guy making everything tick just right!

+357 25 319 100


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Philip Ammerman

Chief Investment Officer

Meet our mastermind, our very own Swiss watch when it comes to business development.

He's the go-to person for anything and everything, always precise, reliable, and forward-thinking.

Truly the one driving our success!

+357 25 319 100


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Zacharias Giakoumi

Senior Developer

Meet our senior developer, the genius behind every last dot in Nina's code.

If you're wondering who's responsible for the hundreds of orders flawlessly printed at the bar, he's your guy.

A true wizard with a knack for making things run smoothly!

+357 25 319 100


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Evangelia Pazarloglou

Back-Office Administrator

She's the one who keeps everything running smoothly and perfectly!


With her at the helm, every process is streamlined and efficient, ensuring that everything works just right.

+357 25 319 100


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