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Chief Investment Officer

Pampos Lympouridis

17 Ιαν 2023

Philip Ammerman appointed Chief Investment Officer of Nina Technologies.

Philip Ammerman has been appointed as part-time Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Nina Technologies, an order management, sales and business intelligence tech start-up active in the HORECA sector.

Nina Technologies is a newly-founded tech startup based in Limassol, Cyprus. Nina provides a QR code ordering system for enterprises in the hotel, restaurant and catering sector, and is currently developing technologies extensions for offices, airlines, stadiums and other end-users.

A recent study (Q3 2022) by Fortune Business Insights shows that the food service sector is currently valued at $ 2.6 trillion, and is expected to grow to $ 5.2 trillion by 2029. In a post-COVID world, one of the chief shortages observed is for wait staff in hotels and restaurants. In Q3 2022, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that the hotel sector faces 1 in 9 staff shortages in Europe and 1 in 15 in the USA.

Each hotel or venue receives a QR code at the physical point of sale. Customers scan this with their code to open the menu. The venue has a pre-configured menu. Items are chosen from the menu, and the customer can then “check out” with multiple payment options depending on whether s/he is a full-time customer, guest, etc. Each venue configures the options that best suit it. Delivery then takes place by waitstaff to that QR code’s location.

Nina does not replace the waiter: it supports them. Orders are transmitted directly to the kitchen/bar, which means all a waiter has to do is grab when ready and then follow the instructions on Nina: go to location; charge / do not charge.

This enhances the productivity of venues and waitstaff. Especially venues such as beach bars, golf courses, stadiums, aircraft of other locations that involve long distances or difficult access.

At Nina, Philip will be responsible for:

  • Developing the company business plan, financial model and company valuation;

  • Managing investor relations, including our 2023 seed round;

  • Supporting and improving corporate governance;

  • Supporting sales and client development with key corporates and others.

Nina will also receive support from Navigator Consulting’s business incubation centre.

Pampos Lympourides, Founder of Nina, stated that:

We are pleased to welcome Philip Ammerman to the Board of Directors of Nina Technologies as Chief Investment Officer. Philip’s presence strengthens our operations and will be decisive in our fundraising and strategic management process.

Philip continues his work for Navigator Consulting, other entities in the Navigator Group and other start-ups.

For further information, please contact us.

Nina Technologies Navigator Consulting & Innovation Partners Ltd.                                     

Classic House, Office 2

133 Archbishop Makarios Avenue

Limassol 3085


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